Talent Management

As mentioned in Forbes


One of our clients, Chris Morgan " The Angry Bagel Guy " -- with Great Sauce Media management as mentioned in Forbes.com

At Film Festival(s)


We show up where we are needed. For networking or filming. We work with you, the client to provide a comprehensive hands on experience.

On the Radio


As seen on the Howard Stern Show, and in various other XM Satellite Radio Shows, such as Jim & Sam, Chip Chipperson, Shade45 and more.

On the Street


Running the streets, with the team - TMZ hot on the trail of Viral Media Stars, that's where we shine. Providing you with hands on guidance, and security. 

On Social Media


The busy lifestyle of a public figure, or a media entity, business or otherwise, achieving a strong social media presence for your brand is the most important.

Join the Team


Great Sauce Media

Makes it easy, and managable for any client to tap into whatever they're trying to achieve.

From Cameo Application entries, to bookings and ad revenue generation. 

Our team mixes all the right ingredients for management, film, and representation. 

We handle any aspect of managerial services to suit your needs.

After a comprehensive assessment of what needs to be done for your brand, contractually and legally we pursue your interests. 


If you're a comedian, actor, public figure, or business.  We have all the right ingredients for success. We handle bookings, from the proprietor to client, to the client from a proprietor, it doesnt matter. We handle all entry level and professional level bookings, with style and grace. 

Event Management

Are you planning an event? Do you need a media team to help you set up all of your video equipment and help you edit an event? We have a professional staff skilled in camera handling. We handle the editing, and the end production of whatever projects you need, we can help direct your resources to ensure for a profitable, and successful event.